The Year of Discoveries | The Thanks U Give: A Bookish Community Thanksgiving Celebration

I planned my own thanksgiving post a week before Mishma and Hazel posted about their event and I’m actually glad that they came up with it because it spreads good vibes in the bookish community!

Can I be totally honest with you guys? This year has both been the BEST and WORST year of my life so far. I’ve experienced so much happiness and heartbreak in such a short span of time it’s like I rode multiple roller coaster rides. But still I’m thankful. I have learned and grown a lot since this time last year. So below is a poem I wrote for thanking the people and the experiences that helped me be the strong person I am now. Enough drama and I hope my American friends have stuffed themselves with so many food (I am green with envy)! Read more

BLOG TOUR: Aftermath by Clara Kensie

Aftermath Book Cover Aftermath
Clara Kensie
Young Adult, Contemporary, Mystery
Merit Press
November 15, 2016

Charlotte survived four long years as a prisoner in the attic of her kidnapper, sustained only by dreams of her loving family. The chance to escape suddenly arrives, and Charlotte fights her way to freedom. But an answered prayer turns into heartbreak. Losing her has torn her family apart. Her parents have divorced: Dad's a glutton for fame, Mom drinks too much, and Charlotte's twin is a zoned-out druggie. Her father wants Charlotte write a book and go on a lecture tour, and her mom wants to keep her safe, a virtual prisoner in her own home. But Charlotte is obsessed with the other girl who was kidnapped, who never got a second chance at life--the girl who nobody but Charlotte believes really existed. Until she can get justice for that girl, even if she has to do it on her own, whatever the danger, Charlotte will never be free.