My 6 Blogging Regrets

My Six Blogging Regrets

Starting this blog seven months ago, I did a lot of things that I regret and here are them. To all new book bloggers, I hope you don’t make these terrible mistakes, too!

  1. I should have started sooner like, three years ago.

    Back in 2012, I wanted to start a blog I just don’t know what it will be about. I thought of starting a book blog but I refused to do it because I thought reviews were hard to write because they should be very well-written. I tried to start a personal blog on Tumblr but it just didn’t work.

    I just thought that if I have started three years ago, I would have been in this amazing community longer and talked about all bookish things with a hundred other people. I only had two friends who read books before.

  2. I should have read book blogs then.

    Once again in 2012, the blogs I read are mostly fashion related. Why???!! I mean I don’t even dress like I’m a supermodel yet all I read and I look at are those gorgeous photos of very sophisticated teenage girls and women.

    If I had read a lot of book blogs then I might have joined this wonderful community three years ago or even just commented on your lovely blogs and talked to you on Twitter.

  3. I should have explored more blogging platforms.

    Blogger was the first blogging platform I used when I created The Bookish Angel. It was okay at first but I got frustrated because I didn’t know how to make my blog not look like a non-Blogger blog. If you get what I mean. 😉 So I moved to free WordPress with the impression it has more design options but it was even more limited than Blogger.

    I just wish I had taken the time to learn everything in Blogger and that I haven’t given up on it so early. But look where I am now: on self-hosted WordPress!

  1. I should not have posted a gazillion promo posts.

    When I discovered these awesome blog tour companies, I immediately signed up to all book blitzes they are organizing. In my point of view before, I thought posting promo posts was a good way to recommend books to readers when I should just review and actually make book recommendations instead of posting those books I didn’t even read. I’d rather recommend a book I didn’t like to you guys than recommend a book I didn’t even read or try to read/finish.

  2. I should have interacted with other bloggers more.

    In early 2015, I was wondering why no one ever comments on my blog and why it has such low traffic. I didn’t know how to interact with other bloggers because I’m just a really shy person in real life, too. When I started regularly commenting to blogs I noticed that other bloggers comment back and that other people find my site through those blogs.

  3. I should not have requested a bunch of review copies.

Enough said.

What are your blogging regrets? Have you done any of mine? Because if you haven’t done #6 when you first started book blogging, let me praise you and give you a rainbow unicorn.




19 thoughts on “My 6 Blogging Regrets

  1. Awww, Angel! I was in the same shoes as you when it comes to most of these (ESPECIALLY #6 WHAAAT) The best thing about everything here is… it’s that it’s better late than never! You can still comment on other blogs now, and get even more traffic and more friends 😉 It’s never too late as long as you do it! I hope to see you around more, here and on Twitter and on Goodreads – EVERYWHERE! It would do the book blogging a disservice if they didn’t get to know the sweet girl that is you <3
    Faye la Patata recently posted…Review: Shadows by Paula WestonMy Profile

    1. Now, I’m not too shy about commenting on other blogs, especially the “big” blogs! You’re super sweet for saying that Ate Faye! *hugs you*

  2. I started with blogger too, I just couldn’t get my head around it. I fine its easier to find other blogs on wordpress. This has taught me more about being a bookblogger now, I didn’t even know you could request review copies, its a great post

  3. I can’t say I did too much for #6. There were titles I was interested in, but I had realized early on in the game that I had more than enough to worry about that reading books that hadn’t been published yet weren’t ready for me and vice versa.
    I didn’t really know of book blogging until I decided to start my own, that’s when I started reading others and felt even more inspired to start building up a blog. I had many other blogs that just never stuck, I felt my personal blogs were *too* personal and I kept feeling the need to divulge more info than necessary. That’s why I started book blogging – less personal life and more literature!
    – Krys
    Krys recently posted…Review: 5 to 1 by Holly BodgerMy Profile

    1. *gives you a rainbow unicorn and sings you praises* The thing that stopped me from starting a personal blog is that people may not be really interested with my life lol.

  4. Bwahha this is all so true! I am absolutely guilty of #6- actually, I think I am still doing #6? In my defense, I was too scared when I started to request anything, so I waited a year just to request on NG or EW! But then once I did… well, you know 😉 And I also did #5- I didn’t talk to anyone for about 6 months because I was way too scared. Now I pretty much just say whatever whenever to whoever, but back then I was terrified! I wish I’d started sooner too, but I guess it is just the way things were supposed to be- I think I am glad for the road I ended up on, because it led me to the amazing people I have met! This is a great list!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…Review: Vengeance Road by Erin BowmanMy Profile

    1. Whaaaat?! You waited a year before requesting in NG? Wow! I think it took me two months to hit the request button. Then I got approved and it thickened my skin lol so I started requesting a lot!

  5. I’m totally with you on #4 and #5!! When I started blogging I didn’t even GET what “networking” was. I thought I just had to sit back and wait for people to find me. *facepalm* And yes, yesss, ergh, to the promo posts. I signed up for a bunch of tours and things because I felt like it made me one of the Real Pro Bloggers. But in reality, I ended up having to give good reviews (if I didn’t want to be kicked off the tour) to books I didn’t even like. D: And I’ve learnt people trust you SO MUCH MORE if you stand behind what you’re recommending. When you start recommending just anything and promoing all the things…it lessens the value of your word. I RECKON ANYWAY. XD I love this post!!
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…Guess The Book From Food Quotes // quizMy Profile

  6. I think #4, #5, and #6 are the ones that relate to me the most.

    #4 is less promotional posts than blog tours. I would sign up for blog ours of any books that I thought I would like. Sure, I found some titles that I still love to this day, but a lot of them were books that I wasn’t even a fan of, but still had to review and promote. It took time away from other books that I could have been reading, and writing reviews for.

    #5 because I was really bad at commenting. I would leave the smallest comments in history, and never comment back. I was terrible, and I am super glad I learned more about commenting!

    I am pretty sure everyone does #6. I mean, when you discover Net Galley for the first time, it’s just completely wondrous and new and exciting because you get these books, and all you have to do is read and review them. “All you have to do”. Reading and reviewing takes a VERY long time, especially if you’re putting in the kind of effort you should be. I am still behind on things I requested when I started blogging, and that was two years ago. This is the main thing i would warn any newbie blogger against because it takes a lot of time to get on top of all the review copies, and you also get a huge dose of blogger guilt when it takes you months (or years) to get around to them.
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