BLOG TOUR REVIEW: An Infinite Number of Parallel Universes by Randy Ribay | Baby Alligators, Hurricane and Best Friends Stealing Each Other’s Cars

An Infinite Number of Parallel Universes Book Cover An Infinite Number of Parallel Universes
Randy Ribay
Young Adult, Contemporary
Merit Press
October 16, 2015
Pinoy Book Tours

As their senior year approaches, four diverse friends joined by their weekly Dungeons & Dragons game struggle to figure out real life. Archie's trying to cope with the lingering effects of his parents' divorce, Mari's considering an opportunity to contact her biological mother, Dante's working up the courage to come out to his friends, and Sam's clinging to a failing relationship. The four eventually embark on a cross-country road trip in an attempt to solve--or to avoid--their problems.

Told in the narrative style of Akira Kurosawa's RASHOMAN, AN INFINITE NUMBER OF PARALLEL UNIVERSES is at turns geeky, funny, and lyrical as it tells a story about that time in life when friends need each other to become more than just people that hang out.



Thank you to Pinoy Book Tours for providing me an ARC in exchange of an honest review. This does not affect my opinion in any way.

I was so freaking excited when I got accepted for this book tour! An Infinite Number of Parallel Universes is one of my anticipated releases of this year because the author of the book is Filipino! And also, look at that gorgeous blue cover with lots of stars on it. Blue is my second favorite color and I’m forever in love with stars.

As you would have expected from an awesome Filipino author (he’s truly awesome because he likes AOS too!), he introduced us to a set of loveable, NERDY (!!!) and diverse characters. I related to all of these characters at some point. There’s great banter, adventure, and character development between all of them.

First, there’s Archie the awkward and the nerdiest of all four of the main characters. I think that Archie is the character I related to the most because I am the MOST awkward and nerdy friend too.  He learned that the real reason for the divorce of his parents is because his dad is gay. How often do we read about a main character whose biological father is gay? I haven’t! But I’ve watched similar stories on documentaries and it surely piqued my interest on how Archie coped with it because he was bullied about it and he can’t seem to find the courage to tell his friends about it too.

Second is the aspiring author Mari. I related to her because I also want to be an author (hehehe) and she’s really just a lovely teenage girl searching for the braveness in herself to contact her biological mother.

Then there’s the adorable Dante who is working up the courage to tell his best friends and family that he’s gay.

I totally fangirled when I found out that one of the main characters, Sam is Filipino! Randy Ribay mentioned some Filipino food and words and it was just awesome (it also made me want to continue writing this book that is set in the Philippines)! Sam also started the road trip that brought them so many adventures and revelations about themselves. Sam can be immature at times but he really developed at the end.

If you want characters who are super nerds, diverse and had a great character development, then this book is for you!


Author Randy Ribay

Randy Ribay is the debut author of the contemporary YA novel AN INFINITE NUMBER OF PARALLEL UNIVERSES (Merit Press, October 2015). He’s also a book reviewer & blogger for THE HORN BOOK and a high school English teacher. He can be found in Camden, NJ walking his dog-children, gaming, or making lightsaber sound effects with his mouth.


Thank you to Pinoy Book Tours for letting me be a part of this tour! To see the full tour schedule, click here.

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