‘Books Are A Uniquely Portable Magic’

books are a uniquely portable magic

‘Books are a uniquely portable magic’ said author Stephen King and I could not agree more. How can someone explain the magic a book with a hundred, or sometimes a thousand pages, can bring to one’s life?

Firstly, books let you travel. Books can be set in Germany, Edinburgh, Tokyo, Zimbabwe, Seoul, Papua New Guinea, Lithuania and many other places you probably never have been to. You don’t have money to travel? Now you can! With just a few bucks you can visit a bookstore, buy and read a book. You’ll be immersed in the sights, scents and taste of a city you’ve wanting been to visit since forever. The best thing? You spent less, didn’t dealt with jetlag and long lines at the airport.

After making you travel, books can also let you time travel. Yup, you heard that right. You want to experience Victorian England? See the horrors of World War 2 and Vietnam War? Want to go back in time and watch a Beatles concert? Sure you can! Just read a book and you’ll surely see everything you wanted to see that’s in our history.

Books can open your eyes to our very diverse world. You can read books with characters that have mental health problems like bipolar, depression and anxiety. You can read books with characters who have different colors of skin. You can read books with LGBTQ themes. Our world is very diverse and books are one of the tools that can make you see every unique little thing that is in it.

Need I say more? I can give you a list that is longer than how much money you still owe to someone but for now, here are the three reasons why books are indeed a uniquely portable magic.

I wrote this feature article to be put in our campus newspaper project as one of our requirements for our subject, Campus Journalism. I had fun writing it and it made me bring back my creative juices!

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