The Angel Messenger: Did You Miss Me?

The Angel Messenger

The Angel Messenger is a weekly recap feature on the blog where I tell you what happened in the past week in my life, blog and around the blogosphere.


Hey guys! Did you miss my weekly recaps? I was busy with college for these past three weeks (I still am actually) that I did not force myself to write a weekly recap. I’m back again this week and hopefully in the coming weeks too!

Here’s a quick update of what I’ve been to:

  • We (our thesis group) had our defense for chapters 1-3 of our thesis and we…failed. So now we have to redo everything, including changing our thesis title which sucks because we thought our previous title was really good and personally, I was very curious about it. We have to redo everything and pass our new chapter 1-3 in two weeks’ time. Wish us luck.
  • Last Saturday, I had my first demo teaching in Testing and Teaching Literature and I passed! I wasn’t expecting it because I wasn’t prepared and I wasn’t feeling well on that day but I DID IT! I received very encouraging comments when I shared my struggles with college and those comments helped me boost my confidence with my demo teaching. Thank you so much guys!


I have more news about some blogging things that I can’t wait to share with you guys! They have been on my mind for a few weeks and I just want to spill them right now but I have to control myself because the details still aren’t clear yet. You may have to wait until middle or the last week of October for this 😉

Bookish Life

I need to stop myself from buying a lot of books but I just can’t because SALES. Also, I received my very first physical ARC!! Isn’t it pretty?! Thank you Penguin Random House!

Pieces of Why

The books I got from my fave bookstore ever that is Booksale. It’s a secondhand bookshop!

BSC HOBOn the Outside Looking Indian

Scotland from the Air

Finally these are the books I got from MIBF!! Lol just kidding. I didn’t go there because I was broke and I actually have no time to go to MOA. I got these babies at one of the warehouse sales of NBS branches. I’m getting slowly unsatisfied with their warehouse sales now, to be honest. But I still got them at cheap prices so it’s all good.

Warehouse Sale Haul

So sorry for the horrible quality. I don’t know how they became like that. They look good on my phone.

On the Blog

(9/2) I had my first author interview! I interviewed Amita Trasi, the lovely woman who wrote The Color of Our Sky a.k.a. one of my top favorite books ever.

(9/8) I had author Lauren James on the blog and she gave tips on how to write a YA Romance novel.

(9/9) I opened up about my college struggle.

(9/15) I reviewed Pieces of Why by K. L. Going, which is a stunning middle grade book!

Plus, I made an author’s day!!


How was your week? Did you miss my personal updates? Are you excited for my upcoming announcements?

6 thoughts on “The Angel Messenger: Did You Miss Me?

  1. Aw, too bad that you guys failed. But don’t worry you can definitely do it (and I bet super better the next time). Maybe you should ask for suggestions and tips from your other professors. That is what we did with our thesis before; we consulted some our professor especially creating our research questionnaire. ;D Anyways, awesome books you got there! <3 Have a nice week ahead! xD

  2. I am sorry about your thesis 🙁 But I am sure that you guys will take the critiques and turn it into something even better! And I am so glad that the teaching went well! Congrats on the ARC- that is SO exciting! And even better that you were able to make an author’s day- that is the BEST feeling (kind of makes up for the days when you cringe to even post a bad review!) Oh, and I am still obsessed with that Baby-Sitters Club edition! 😉 Hope you have a fabulous week!
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