What Happened During My 4 Month Hiatus

Last October I took a much needed break from blogging. I never thought that it would happen because I’m just a kind of person who can multitask things but between blogging and college it turned out I couldn’t do it. Here’s some glimpse on what happened during my four month hiatus and also some changes you’ll be going to see here!


Like I said in my last The Angel Messenger post, I turned 18. *yay!* I also got a new phone and it’s so much better than my last one though the battery life sucks. I can now take decent bookish photos through my new phone. <3 I really enjoyed my semester break because it rained for like a week and all I did was stay in bed reading and binge watching Game of Thrones (I’m still two seasons behind so no spoilers please!).


November was the start of the second semester. Nothing much happened in this month except that our thesis caused me so much anxiety. It was an “adjusting month” so nothing much happened on our other subjects.

I also got to watch Mockingjay and I cried like a baby during Finnick’s scene. I cannot OKAY.


December was a slightly busier month than November. Aside from thesis work, I also reported on my two major subjects: Mythology and Folklore and Literature and Language Assessment. I’m an Education student but reporting, even if it’s only in front of my classmates, still make me nervous. Good thing, I reported before the start of Christmas vacation so I can just relax and read, read, read during the two-week vacation.

IlluminaeΒ At the start of the vacation it rained for like a week and of course I love the rain so I just spent reading it on bed. <3 #VacationGoals right? I read Illuminae and it was FANTASTIC! The hype was so worth it.

Shameless Selfie

My hair also got its much needed rebond treatment. My hair is so ugly and I can’t even manage it so having it rebonded was a life saver. Look at it now! #ShamelessSelfie. And yes, I had to sit on my ass for 7 hours inside the salon and my cellphone’s battery was dying. Fortunately I brought a book which wasΒ All The Broken Pieces (it’s an amazing and beautifully written novel in verse, you should all check it out).


Aaaah the time of new things, new dreams and new hopes. I tried to be back in blogging last January but it just didn’t happen because, of course, college. January was spent creating survey questionnaires and distributing it to our respondents which was not only tiring but also super costly.



February was supposed to be the month of love, right? Well, it was a month of stress, anxiety and school works for me. I had my demo teaching last February 11 and it went well. πŸ˜€ After that, my groupmates and I spent a lot of time working on our thesis because we had our defense last February 28. It was definitely nerve-wracking but we surpassed it. πŸ™‚

Soooo for the changes well there isn’t much but first instead of doing weekly recaps, I’ll go back to doing monthly recaps. I feel like nothing really much happens in a week especially this summer where I’ll be just inside the house if I didn’t get a summer job. Second, there might be more mini reviews. I feel like I say the same things over and over in a review that writing mini reviews will add more depth to them. I think I’ll have to experiment first. Lastly, I have newly designed blog graphics! What do you think of it? I got the stock photos from Chiatra of PinkPot! By the way, I’ll post a collective book haul of books I got from October-March next week so keep an eye on that!

So sorry if the photos are blurry! It was okay on my phone but the quality lowered when I uploaded them here. Anyone who knows what might be the problem?

What about you guys? Tell me what happened while I was gone!


4 thoughts on “What Happened During My 4 Month Hiatus

  1. UGH I hate that the quality drops when moving it from your phone. I read a great tutorial somewhere but I can’t remember…try Googling and I’m sure something will come up. BUT OMG it looks like your last 4 months have been absolutely packed. A break is often the best thing πŸ™‚

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