Do I Have A Life Outside Being Bookish?

I love books! Of course I do if I don’t, I won’t put almost all my time in this blog and in reading but it got me thinking: is being bookish all my life about is now?

This thought started a few months ago when I was thinking of something new to do, like, finding a new hobby perhaps. I already have this blog and my bookstagram as a hobby but both are completely book related which made me realize I have 0 life outside being bookish.

Growing up, I learned to love books early. All I did then was read, play, watch, read and read again. Then I started writing. I even wrote fanfiction before it was even cool. In elementary school, I would go straight to the library before lunch break ends just to search for a book even if I’m still reading another one. In high school, everyone knew me as the girl who always has a book with her. I didn’t care if it was a bulky mass market paperback, I’d still stuff it in my backpack and bring and read it at school.

Books are such a huge part of my life they aren’t really a part of it, they’re like, my life now. I love how I made new friendships through it and I could go on and on on how important books are to me but is that really is it? Don’t I have any other interests? Don’t I have any new hobbies I could do? Wait does binge watching tv shows even count as a hobby?

Oh well, let’s not talk about socializing. I’m bad at it. Other than being shy and awkward, I also always turn down any invite to meet up with a friend. I always think that I would just rather work on my blog or finish a book instead of spending time with that person. Or, we would make plans and the other person would always drop it the last minute and here I am giving up hope of having any decent bonding time with anyone. Does playing with my dog count as socializing?

Or maybe I’m getting influenced by all the wild YA Contemporary books I’ve been reading right now where the main character has a more interesting life than me. I’m eighteen, holed up inside my room with my glasses on typing away words for my blog or just cuddling up with a good book. Does that sound super nerdy?

Is this really it? Are books really all there is in my life now?

What about you? Do you have any hobbies/interests outside of books? What are they?

This blog post was written a few months ago. Since then I’ve acquired a couple new hobbies: make-up and trying to learn to play the guitar. I’m also more social now than I was a few months ago (but still super shy and awkward, but hey I’m trying!). But books are still a huge part of my life.

One thought on “Do I Have A Life Outside Being Bookish?

  1. I…. don’t have much of one, honestly. Well, outside bookish stuff and my kids. They take up the bulk of my time, and then I use any precious spare time to blog, read, write, etc. So yeah… I don’t really have much of a life outside of this! I am a social person by nature, but I really have no idea how to meet people when I am home with kids all day- it’s just not very conducive to making friends and being social. And then when I DO have time, all my friends are HERE, in the bookish community, it seems, so I want to talk to them, and I guess the cycle perpetuates?

    You know, I have thought that maybe all the epic adventures we read about influence us a LOT- like, I think we’re attracted to these books for that reason, and then of COURSE our life is going to pale in comparison to like, surviving the apocalypse, or overthrowing some evil king 😉 I say, as long as you are happy and do have other interests too (which it sounds like you do!) you’re doing fine!!
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