Why Being A Mood Reader Sometimes Suck

mood reader sucks

One thing you need to know about me is that I’m a huge mood reader. Even if a book is really popular or even a book I need to read for school, I won’t read it ’til I’m in the mood for it. In this post, I tell you why being a mood reader sucks and one reason it doesn’t!

1. I have a monster of a TBR pile


Basically, I want to read ALL THE BOOKS. I want to read all these great books I keep hearing about may it be YA, Classic, Adult or even MG. But I’m not only a mood reader, I’m also a weird mood reader. Even if I BADLY want to read a book (*cough* The Wrath and the Dawn *cough*) I won’t and can’t read it until I’m in the mood for it so this results to big TBRs that I sadly can’t get to until I’m super duper freaking pumped for the book. I’m just weird mood reader like that.

2. Feeling bad for starting a book then putting it down for like, after 5% and lower

This happens when I just finished reading a book then I try to start another one. I’m having trouble starting a next book so what I have to do is to just pick my next read the next day.

3. Disorganized TBRs

I’m a disorganized person in terms of keeping files etc. and it also applies to my TBR. Lately, I’ve been thinking that I need to have monthly TBR to reduce my pile but of course, it just never works. I want to have a monthly TBR that contains upcoming, new released books and the books I bought like a million years ago.

4. Trouble requesting/accepting review copies

Sometimes after I request a book for review, I forget about it then I get approved for it weeks later and I’m not just in the mood to read it. This may be the reason why I keep DNFing a book and also why my Netgalley ratio is kinda bad. 🙁

But if there is one reason why being a mood reader doesn’t suck is…

it limits the chances of not liking a book because I’m in the mood for it

One thing I noticed is that after I read a book that I ended up loving/liking I know that if I had read in another time, I would end up not loving/liking it. So being in the mood for a certain book helps me like more books!

Some books I would probably hate/not like if I hadn’t read them at the right time are The Duff, 44 Charles Street and The Ugly Step-sister.


Are you a mood reader? Do you have any tips on how I can follow my monthly TBR? Comment them down!

11 thoughts on “Why Being A Mood Reader Sometimes Suck

  1. I’m honestly not a mood reader! I mean, sometimes I am? A littttttle teeny tiny bit?! I feel I need to be in a brave mood for reading fantasy. If I’m super overwhelmed with life I do NOT tackle fantasy because my brain just mushes. But otherwise I basically just work systematically down my TBR and it’s all good, ehhe, keeps me organised! 😀
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…Astronomically Amazing Authors (I’ve just discovered) Whose Books I Will Hunt Down and Devour Before DawnMy Profile

  2. This is kind of weird, but I am a mood reader with books I buy myself. It is a HUGE problem. But review books? I am NOT a mood reader at all, I am just like “give me all the books and I shall consume them!”. I realized that review books make me much more decisive on which book to read, because I have a finite number to choose from. I will let myself choose, but from a certain range of dates that are upcoming, and that way the decision is easier. I still, however, have NO idea how to make myself read the books I bought and “NEED” to read- but still haven’t. That struggle is REAL. This is a great post, because it is far too accurate 😉
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…A #ShatteringStigmas interview with author Francesca ZappiaMy Profile

    1. I wish I can be like you when it comes to reading review books! When I first requested ARCs I did not take into consideration their release dates, I just requested them all! Now I already figured out that knowing a book’s release date helps a lot in selecting books to review.

  3. I’m also a mood reader, which wasn’t an issue when I first started out, but now that I coblog and have to coordinate my titles with my cobloggers it’s totally a pain in the arse! I mean I just wanna read what I wanna read, I don’t have a solid TBR, just a whole bunch of books I bought and I’ll pick out whichever I want. I agree, it’s such a pain, especially when you have ARC due dates!! ARGH I FEEL YOU!! Also loving your blog!
    Aentee @ Read at Midnight recently posted…Discussion: How Much Realism Should We Expect From Fantasy Fiction?My Profile

    1. Ugh yes. I feel like I’m not enjoying my whole reading experience when I started getting a lot of ARCs which is my fault because I requested a lot. Thank you Aentee <3

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