My Reading Journal Tour

Other people have bookshelf tours, I have my reading journal tour because I’m fancy like that.

So welcome to my reading journal tour! Please make yourselves comfortable. Okay enough of that I sound like I’m giving you a tour of my mansion when it’s only just a notebook.

Before the end of last year, I decided to get really organized with my reading and get a reading journal. I’ve been eyeing this particular reading journal on The Book Depository for almost two years now but because I don’t have a card and money (the reading jounal is cheap and yes, TBD has free shipping fee but whenever I have bookmail the post office always charge me P 112 which is kinda costly) I just decided to make my own.

Reading Journal 1
It’s just a regular lined notebook and I bought it for less than P 50 (less than a dollar). So cheap right? I also bought the colored pens for P 20-30. I want to add more crafty things but having a notebook and some pens is a good start already.

Reading Journal 2

This is the first page of my reading journal. I tried to be artsy and lettered (is there even such a word?!) the front page and obviously I failed epically. But whatever, I’m okay with it since it’s my personal thing, I don’t intend to show it around people (oops too late for that one is it? Should I not post this anymore? Lol). My blog title, url and Instagram and Twitter usernames are also written on the first page in case I lose this journal.

Reading Journal 3

My reading journal is actually divided into five parts. The first part is the actual reading journal part where I jot down everything I felt after reading a book. I try to keep it short and simple.

Reading Journal 4

If the book is a review copy then this is where I write my initial thoughts which help me to elaborate more on the actual review.

Reading Journal 5

I also write down some of my favorite quotes and parts from the book. Here’s one from Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys, a book which you should totally read guys.

Reading Journal 6

The second part of my reading journal is my 2016 Reading Tracker (the ribbon origami is made by my cousin. It’s so cute!).

Reading Journal 7

This part is just to summarize and keep everything I’ve read in one place. I write down the title, author, the date when I’ve finished the book and lastly, my rating. The books which are highlighted goes to my top favorites of the year list.

Reading Journal 8

The third part is my ARC Tracker. Before, I have an ARC Tracker using MS Excel, which everyone mostly does to organize all their ARCs but I have given up on it because I forget to list the books I got on it and I’m just so lazy to put everything on it. I’ve found out that actually listing and writing down all the review copies I have makes me more organized.

Reading Journal 9

The fourth part is my Book Haul Tracker. It is just a place to track the books I got whether it may be gifted, bought or sent for review.

Reading Journal 10

I just list the physical copies here. I’m never organized with eBooks except if they are for review.

Reading Journal 11
I list the title and author of the book, date I bought/received it, some additional info about the book and the price I spent for the book. I would like to know how much I spent on books at the end of the year (which sounds so terrifying).

Reading Journal 12

The fifth and last part is my Book Borrowing Log and it is divided into two parts.

Reading Journal 13

The first part is where I list the books that have been borrowed from me and the second part is the books I borrowed from other people.

Reading Journal 14


I hope you enjoy my Reading Journal Tour! Do you keep a reading journal? Tell me! And if you must, please include pictures! I want to see it!

7 thoughts on “My Reading Journal Tour

  1. Your reading Journal looks fabulous!! That’s an amazing way to get TBR piles in order…my TBR pile is pretty messed up!! Hope it works well for you! 🙂

  2. Wow, your journal looks really pretty! (And the cover’s really cute too.) I’ve tried doing my own journal before, but l eventually gave up because (a) I always forget to update them, (b) I have an incredibly suckish handwriting and (c) I am also an unorganized giraffe.

    I always envy those who can create journals because they successfully put them to actual use. I, on the other hand, will just stay with my phone’s notes and try my best to keep up with my mind. xD
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