The Angel Messenger: I Turned 18, Got A Job, PH Giveaway and Semi-Hiatus Announcement

The Angel Messenger

The Angel Messenger is a weekly recap feature on the blog where I tell you what happened in the past week in my life, blog and around the blogosphere.


Soo I turned 18 like, two weeks ago! Nothing special happened, really. Three of my closest friends went to our house and we ate and watched movies. Being 18 is nothing like what happened in movies, I still feel like I’m 13. I still can’t go out to have late night parties and *cough* have a boyfriend so yeah I still feel like I’m a 13 year old girl lol.

Three weeks ago my first semester of being a third year college student ended and fortunately, I passed all my subjects! It was a tough semester but the seniors said that the second semester will be the most challenging sem ever so good luck to me! I also had an unannounced semi-hiatus because of college, obviously and when we finally had our sembreak, I was too exhausted to even blog.

Aside from college, I also got a tutoring job! This means little time for me to blog and read but it also means a few cash 😉 I’m also glad to say that I’m enjoying it very much. 😀 I’m also participating in this year’s NaNoWriMo! I’m not sure if I will ever reach 50k words in a month but it’s worth the shot.

So yeah I’ll be pretty much be so damn busy towards the end of the year until March next year that I’ve decided to go on a semi-hiatus. I’ll still posts book reviews but discussion posts will probably won’t be posted until probably before this year ends. I love blogging but this past semester was such a tough one that I couldn’t imagine successfully doing blogging and studying at the same time. I’m always exhausted that I can’t even write posts that I planned and it takes me daaaaays to finish a book right now. We also have such a crappy internet connection that I can’t even schedule a single post.

I’m sad to take to this semi-hiatus since I’ll be celebrating my first blogoversary in under two months. I have a lot going on in my life right now, some bad but most of them are reallyyyyy good though. 🙂 Don’t worry, I’ll be back! I won’t quit this blogging thing just because I’m so busy and super stressed all the time. I’ll probably be back before the year ends and I’ll take the time to adjust to my life right now. I really need to think and focus on some things. Being 18 made me think of my life as an adult in the next few years which is super scary and re-reading Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern is helping me a lot. I’ll also use the time in my break to not force myself to just read ARCs which I’m so stressed over.

Do’t forget my post for the Hogwarts School of Bookcraft and Bloggery! I’ll be your Potions professor! 😀

I’ll still be active on my Instagram. On Twitter, not so much because I’m really not good at it in the first place. To make up for my semi-hiatus, I have an ongoing PH giveaway!


I’ll post a massive haul when I’m back. 😉



(10/1) I shared my playlist for This Ordinary Life by Jennifer Walkup! Review will be up soon!

(10/5) I joined the Future Perfect blog tour. My mini review will be up soon too!

(10/13) I shared my thoughts on An Infinite Number of Parallel Universes by Randy Ribay, a lovely coming-of-age debut novel!

(10/14) I shared my writing doubts. Do you have them too? Let’s talk about them!

(10/15) Here are my list of Autumn goals!

(10/16) I joined the Book Blogger Creativity Project and I’m on Red team! My fabulous co-team members came up with the idea of the Hogwarts School of Bookcraft and Bloggery! I also started the Harry Potter series and I just finished book two! It’s absolutely magical! <3

(11/1) I gave three reasons why you need to read The Anatomical Shape OF A Heart!

Soooo how was your October? Was it busy like mine? Will you miss me? 😉

One thought on “The Angel Messenger: I Turned 18, Got A Job, PH Giveaway and Semi-Hiatus Announcement

  1. ANGEEEL! I missed you! I’m sorry I haven’t been around to comment lately – I was away from the internet and from blogging and reading in general for 2 weeks and I’ve been out of the loop. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR! Or belated happy birthday 😉 I agree with you though that being 18 doesn’t feel any different. Heck, I’m turning 23 in less than a month and I still feel like 15 or 16 or 12 :)) Young at heart here!

    Take all the time you need. As I’ve told you before, real life takes precedence. Go lang nang go! Let me know on Twitter if you need any “ate advice” ^^
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