The Angel Messenger: March Recap | Final Exams and Summer Vacation

The Angel Messenger

The Angel Messenger is a monthly recap feature on the blog where I tell you what happened in the past month in my life, blog and around the blogosphere.


The first couple of weeks was spent stressing over exams, thesis, and projects. I wouldn’t talk much about it because I think I’ve already talked about it a lot here. 😀 Now, I’m just waiting for my grades *insert anxiety here* and the ‘go’ from our professor to revise our thesis.

I really wish I could get a summer job this vacation so I can have money for books mehehehe. But I also want to just chill, read and blog at home. I’m just waiting if I got the job and if it not then it must I’m going to be a stay at home blogger for the rest of the summer lol.

I’m really in the blogging roll, you guys. I’ve got posts planned and scheduled already. Go me! I obviously missed blogging.


OKAY PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A MASSIVE BOOK HAUL. These are all the books I got from October to March. Some of them may be missing, borrowed or already sold but more or less here are the books I accumulated in the past four months. I obviously didn’t include ebooks because there are just a lot of them. Maybe I should keep track of my ebook hauling next time.

March Books 1

So these first four books here are what I got from October. I bought To Kill A Mockingbird as a birthday gift for myself and Lasher (not pictured) as a gift for a friend then the seller gave me Interview with The Vampire as a freebie. I bought Uncle Tom’s Cabin at Booksale. It was a required reading but I didn’t even finish it but I’m determined to read and finish it this summer. The first few chapters already captivated me. The friend I gave Lasher for got me A History of Scotland because she knows I’m addicted to it. By the way, I got the cute travel themed box from Bookwormica on Instagram. It’s so cute, isn’t it? Also it’s perfect for #bookstagram.

March Books 2

I got a lot of books in November and Illuminae is one of them but it was borrowed by a friend so it’s not in the picture. I got a lot of MG books because I missed reading them and they’re so cheap.

March Books 3

For December-March I got a lot of classics and adult romance books.

March Books 4

The mug you see is designed by me. <3 What do you guys think? The ink is already bleeding because I use it so much. Yeah, I use my bookish mugs because I like to scream to our whole household that I am a bookworm lol. For my Filipino readers if you guys know where I could get my design printed on mugs I would forever love you. <3

Again guys sorry if the quality of the photos suck. After I compress them on TinyJPG, they still look good but when I upload them here they get blurry. Do you have the same problem?


(3/20) I made my comeback ha!

(3/24) I listed some things to prove that books are a uniquely portable magic.

(3/25) I told you guys what happened to me while I was on my hiatus.


Cait listed the reasons why you aren’t getting comments on your book blog.

Amanda gave alternatives that will shake up boring reviews (really helpful, people!).

Shannon gave a step-by-step tutorial on how to step up your slump (I command that you read this one right now).

Aimee listed the facts that prove book bloggers are awesome.

So sorry if it’s so few right now. I haven’t had the time to read some blogs.

And that’s all. How is your summer/spring/or whatever your season is now going on in the moment?

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