BOOK REVIEW: The Engine Driver (A Dystopian Short Story) by Tracy Marchini

The Engine Driver (A Short Dystopian Story) Book Cover The Engine Driver (A Short Dystopian Story)
Tracy Marchini
Young Adult, Dystopia
Squirrel Books
September 25, 2011

Sixteen-year-old Brig has never been allowed to hear a sad song in her entire life.

Like everyone else in her community, the personal Playlist Treatment Plan that plays in her head is designed to control her emotions - from when she's happy or sad, to when she falls in love. But for Brig, who suffers from depression, a song in a minor key will never be played.

When her friend, Annaby, is chosen to go to Musician’s School and is given a Permit to Carry a musical instrument, Brig knows that she has just this one chance to hear a sad song, a love song – or a song that matches what her depression feels like, instead of what her feelings should be.

The Engine Driver is a YA dystopian short story of 21 pages. Also includes a sample of Effie At The Wedding.


You all remember the YA Spring Fling Giveaway post here on my blog? Well I also joined the giveaway and this is one of the many e-books that I won! I was so excited to read The Engine Driver because out of the many e-books available in the YA Spring Fling giveaway this is the one that I’m so keen on winning. Winning the book does not affect my review. 🙂

This is a unique take on the dystopia genre.  I have never read anything like this book before. Lately, I’ve been reading dystopian books that are just very similar to other books it annoyed me. But this book? Nope.

So everyone in the country has a Playlist Treatment Plan. It’s like there’s a song inside your head for your whole life but you cannot choose what song to play and you can only pause the song for two minutes. That is so cool but I cannot imagine watching my favorite t.v. series while being forced to listen to something. Another cool thing is that if you are in love that will be the only time you can hear a love song with your guy/girl. It’s like a confirmation you are both truly in love. Isn’t it beautiful? Aahhhh. Then there are Musicians, they’re like one of the highest and respected people in the society. They’re the only people who can make music and carry an instrument,

The writing lacks creativity and imagination though. It was like the scenes are told to me when it should be shown to me. I pity the main character Brig but I didn’t feel connected to her. You get what I’m saying, yeah? The plot is so good I wish it’s not a novella, that it’s an actual novel because I would like to explore the world more. I want to have more of the characters. So can I beg the lovely author to write more about this world? Hihi 🙂

Overall, I liked this book! I was not disappointed, my expectations were met. If you want a unique and a fast dystopian read then read this now! You can buy it on Smashwords.

And now I leave you with this sad song…

angel heart

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