Unboxing: Lit Cube ‘Haunted Hearts’ September 2016


Disclaimer: I won this subscription box for free from Lisa of Lost in Lit and from Lit Cube but all opinions are my own.

Hi guys! I’m so excited to share my very first unboxing on the blog. I’ve actually posted this unboxing on my Instagram but I’ll be sharing more of my thoughts about the subscription box and the items inside it here on the blog!

On late August, Lisa from Lost in Lit ran a giveaway on her Instagram. I entered it and surprisingly I won a Lit Cube box for September! So Lisa, thank you for the chance and a massive thanks to Lit Cube for sending this box. This was my first ever subscription box so I’m forever grateful.

Shipping took a month but it’s okay considering that Lit Cube is from U.S.A. and I’m in the Philippines. The box arrived intact and nothing was damaged inside which was fascinating considering there were some fragile items.

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was this card from Lit Cube and it’s a note of the description of the items. Confession time: I spoiled myself before actually getting the box because I’m just too excited for it! Maybe I shouldn’t do that next time.


I actually forgot the next item I saw so let’s just roll with the items. There’s this beautiful Glass Necklace with Pressed Flowers. It’s so pretty and dainty and I can’t wait to wear it with some of my dresses. My friends and I were reminded of this Asian telenovela that was aired before where the main character has a necklace with a bottle of lavenders inside it! If you know that t.v. show, tell me! I just wish that the chain of the necklace is made of stronger material because it looks like it isn’t but we’ll see.


When I opened the box I was engulfed with this heavenly scent and it’s from a soap that was included in the box. It’s called Gardenia Scented Mor Soap. My sister is addicted to its smell! My mom told me to place it inside my room so my room would smell great too lol!


When I was a kid (okay just after I typed that particular phrase I heard Barry Allen’s voice inside my head say, “When I was a child I saw my mother killed by something impossible” LOLOLOL!! Okay enough Flash for today) my dream is to have a quill pen because I always see pictures Dr. Jose Rizal (our national hero) on my textbooks with it and I was so jealous! Now I finally have one! This Mini Feather Quill and Ink Vial Set is a dream come true, honestly! And I’m now practicing on writing with them but so far it gets so messy.


Another item I love from this box is this Exclusive Journal with a quote chosen by A.G. Howard imprinted on the cover! I love, love, love this journal and I’m now using it to write all my poems. The quote says, “Keep a green tree in your heart, and perhaps a singing bird will come” and it’s from a Chinese proverb. It’s such a lovely quote, right?


The box also included a hot chocolate drink mix but my mother and I drank it immediately after opening this box so I have no picture to show. But it was delicious!

Finally, we get to the book! It’s The Architect of Song by A.G. Howard. By the way, this Haunted Hearts box was curated by A.G. Howard herself. The box also included a signed bookplate so I put it on the title page! After reading the book, I realized that every item in the box is really related to the book. By the way, I have a review for The Architect of Song coming up!



Truly, this is not only a subscription box, it’s an experience! I loved every single item that came with it and I think it’s worth the money if I actually purchased this subscription box. I would buy another box if only international shipping isn’t expensive.

Once again thanks to Lisa and to Lit Cube for sending this box! It was like an early birthday gift to me! Links for Lit Cube’s Instagram and their website are below and I highly suggest you check them out!

Lit Cube Instagram

Lit Cube Website

Here’s to hoping that this won’t be my first and last subscription box!

What’s your favorite subscription box service?

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  1. Wow, this box looks seriously AMAZING. I love all of those goodies. I need to break down and get myself a subscription box….seeing everyone’s unboxings makes me so jealous!

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