What’s Saving My Life Right Now

The second half of January was actually a little rough, it still is now. I’m so unmotivated with my everyday life. I feel like I want to change things. I don’t know what some of those things are though or how I can really change them. But these things and people are what’s saving my life right now.

  1. Lumowell’s 15 Minute Flat Stomach Workout. My 1st quarter goal for 2018 is to lose x amount of weight (I won’t tell how much because it’s personal and I’m shy). I didn’t really enjoy my workout routine last January. I dreaded waking up and doing it. I remembered I had this standing stomach workout saved offline on my YouTube app and I just tried it and I love it. I might change it after 2-3 weeks (I get bored of workout routines immediately, is it just me?) but the main goal is to do this workout for 5 days a week.
  2. Lavendaire. I adore Aileen of Lavendaire so much. I’ve been watching tons of her videos and listening to her podcasts so much this week. Sometimes, I even get emotional from listening and watching her. Aaah yes I’m very dramatic but thinking about my life these days gets me down and watching/listening to Aileen makes me happy and inspired.
  3. Stitcher. I’ve been wanting to listen to podcasts for so long I just don’t know how. Yes, I may or may not be living under a cave. But when I try podcast apps for Android some of them just doesn’t feel right for me until Stitcher. I found out about this through Arriane Serafico’s Instagram post. I’m currently listening to The Lavendaire Lifestyle a lot this week but I also like The Purposeful Creative and What Should I Read Next?
  4. Lifesimmer’s Sims 3 Let’s Plays. I actually like watching Lifesimmer play instead of playing Sims 3 myself. She’s so funny and her Sims are so interesting.

I want to know, what’s saving your life right now? Also, any podcast recommendations?

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