The Year of Discoveries | The Thanks U Give: A Bookish Community Thanksgiving Celebration

I planned my own thanksgiving post a week before Mishma and Hazel posted about their event and I’m actually glad that they came up with it because it spreads good vibes in the bookish community!

Can I be totally honest with you guys? This year has both been the BEST and WORST year of my life so far. I’ve experienced so much happiness and heartbreak in such a short span of time it’s like I rode multiple roller coaster rides. But still I’m thankful. I have learned and grown a lot since this time last year. So below is a poem I wrote for thanking the people and the experiences that helped me be the strong person I am now. Enough drama and I hope my American friends have stuffed themselves with so many food (I am green with envy)!

The Year of Discoveries

This year I discovered

That blessings come in all forms and sizes

It is not just a new book in the mail

It is not just the sound the ATM machine makes

But also the sound of a beating heart you hear when a friend hugs you


This year I discovered

That I can make pain my friend

Talk to her at 3 in the morning when the world is sleeping

Hang out with her at 2 in the afternoon when the world is celebrating


This year I discovered

That mom cares even if she just laughs it off

She cares when her daughter was so deep in pain she cannot breathe

That mom became her air


This year I discovered

How fun Comic Con was

Took a lot of pictures

Saw Joe Dempsie and Nicholas Hoult

Fangirled the whole day

What more could you ask for?

Cannot wait for next year


This year I discovered

That true friends stay

Even if you’ve shown your worst

Even if you don’t want them to


This year I discovered

That the combination

Of being drunk

And having the worst eyesight ever

Is a bad one


This year I discovered

That I still like the guy I liked two years ago

And that he can be as weird as he can be

And I would still like him


This year I discovered

When no one’s there

My dog is

Just a little pat on the head

Makes him happy


This year I discovered

That I’m still young

I have a lot to look forward to

And everything ends

But also anything beautiful can start


This year I discovered

That this was both the best

And worst

Year of my life


This year I discovered

That there is still a lot of years

A lot of discoveries

And I cannot wait to learn them all

What are you most thankful for this year?

2 thoughts on “The Year of Discoveries | The Thanks U Give: A Bookish Community Thanksgiving Celebration

  1. Aww, this is beautiful! I’m really glad you’re learning to love yourself though. <3 That's so important and something I think everyone needs to constantly work on. *nods* And puppies are LIFE. My dog is such a precious little devious monster and definitely cuddling him is a great cure for a horrible day. I hope 2017 is a better year for you, too!!

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